Disclaimer and Copyright

Disclaimer and Copyright

The Weave signatories aim to keep the information on the Weave website and in the “Find your Funding” tool as complete and up-to-date as possible. Despite their efforts, it may occur that some information is either incorrect or incomplete. We may also change or remove information at any time and without prior notification.

As such, no rights can be derived from the content on this website or in the “Find your Funding” tool. By using the website and/or the “Find your Funding”  tool, you accept this disclaimer.


If you have any questions about this disclaimer or the website, or in case of any suggestions or complaints, please contact us in one of the following ways:

By email:          communications@scienceeurope.org

By post:            Science Europe AISBL
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1040 Brussels

The Science Europe business registry number in Belgium is 0840.275.663.


Visiting the Weave website occurs at your own expense and risk. Although we will make the necessary efforts to keep the website accessible, free of errors, and free of any viruses or harmful components, we cannot guarantee that this will always be the case. We recommend that everyone in any case take precautions by using firewalls, antivirus and other necessary security software.

Science Europe and the Weave signatories do not accept liability for any damages resulting from visiting the website, using the services or software it contains, using the information on the website, or the inability to visit the website or use any of its functionality.

Science Europe and Weave signatories reserve the right to modify the Weave website and the “Find your Funding” tool or any information they contain at their own discretion and without prior notification. We may also suspend or stop the website, or parts of it, without any justification.

Other websites

This disclaimer applies to the Weave website(s) and platforms located at the domain weave-research.net. These may contain links to other websites; we have no control over the content of these websites or the conditions that govern their use. Science Europe and the Weave signatories are not liable for your visit and use of these websites. Please check the disclaimers or terms of use for these websites to learn more.

Use of the website

The Weave website is made available with the purpose of providing information on the Weave initiatives and the participating research funders, as well as for the use of the “Find Your Funding” tool. You are free to use the website in good faith and for these purposes.

You will not use it to send false or misleading content to Science Europe, Weave signatories or any partners listed on the website, or content that is obscene, racist, xenophobic, insulting, illegal, deceptive, intrusive, offensive, harmful, violent, threatening, harassing, slanderous, or that infringes on intellectual property rights, privacy, or trade secrets. You will also not use the information on the website to send unsolicited spam, pyramid schemes, or similar fraudulent processes.

You will also refrain from circumventing any technical protection measures on either the website, its services, or the documents and multimedia that it contains, or attempt to gain unauthorised access to the website or the systems running it.


The content of the website, including any files offered for download, photos, videos, and logos of Science Europe or Weave signatories, are the property of Science Europe or the corresponding Weave signatories. They are protected by intellectual property rights and may not be (re-)used for other purposes than displaying the website or printing it for personal use, without prior written consent from Science Europe or the corresponding Weave signatories. Where content is available for re-use, this has been indicated with an applicable licence.

In case of any questions about the (re-)use of any content on the website, please contact Science Europe through one of the methods listed above.