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Within Weave, researchers from two up to three European countries or regions are allowed to submit a collaborative research proposal to any of the participating funders. 

To submit a proposal, all participating researchers need to be eligible for funding at their respective Weave signatories. The list of participating organisations is available in the About page.

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The team of applicants determine a coordinating applicant, who submits the joint proposal to the respective weave funding organisation in his/her country. The other applicants (co-applicants) have to submit a copy of the proposal to their respective funding agency (Partner Agency).

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Weave is based on the Lead Agency Procedure principle. The funder that receives the proposal (the so-called Lead Agency) evaluates the proposal according to its internal rules set out for its respective national or regional programme. The funding recommendation is then communicated to the other funders involved (so-called Partner Agencies), for approval and budgetary purposes.

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Weave makes use of existing funding programmes. Research projects are funded through national or regional research programmes that are managed by Weave signatories. Researchers are financed by the funders for whose support they are eligible. Funders will only provide funding within their national or regional borders.

Within weave, the funders aim to support proposals, which belong to the best 20% of the submitted proposals in the current evaluation.

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There is no separate budget available for Weave. The proposals compete in the national and regional funding schemes opened to Weave. Funding allocated for collaborative research projects through Weave will be provided through national or regional funding programmes.

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Weave is a bottom-up mechanism, with no additional restrictions on the thematic focus or subject matter covered by the proposals than the ones provided for by the relevant national and regional funding mechanisms


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Not all configurations for collaboration will be possible under Weave immediately at launch. Signatories will start by funding projects with the other signatories they have standing agreements with.

Weave will be rolled out progressively. Collaboration will be allowed between selected partners and will be enlarged incrementally.

Still have questions?

If you have specific questions on the policies, procedures, or a specific funding programme at of one of the 12 participating Weave funders then please contact them directly. You can find their contact details on the About page.