How to Use the ‘Find Your Funding’ Tool?

As Weave will offer an important amount of potential opportunities for collaboration, which will continue to increase as the initiative is progressively extended to cover all possible configurations, it is essential to provide researchers with a user-friendly interface.

The Weave signatories have therefore developed a tool called ‘Find Your Funding’ to identify funding opportunities for any team of researchers that would like to apply for funding offered through Weave. The tool aims to be as simple to use as possible: prospective applicants are to select the corresponding organisations in their country or region and enter the potential start date and duration of their project. 

’Find Your Funding’ will then process the data and provide all the relevant information and links for researchers to apply for funding, including possible Lead and Partner Agencies, available configurations, submission deadlines, and links to the relevant platforms.

The tool and underlying data will be continuously maintained up to date and any changes will be immediately reflected, in order ensure that the information is as accurate as possible.